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Wisteria as CFOfor SME

  Financial Analytics & Reporting
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Wisteria as CFO for  SME

    Role of CFO has undergone significant changes in last couple of decade ushered with liberalization of economy and financial market. Today¬ís CFO is not just expected to be managing accounts of the company but also have solid understanding of rapidly changing dynamics of financial market. We provide strategic inputs to companies on different aspects of financial management, including long term cash management, new ventures etc.
  Financial Analytics & Reporting
     Financial Analytics
      We undertake a thorough review of financials, provide detailed analytics, and help designing finance reports.
      We perform our analysis using ratios, trends, comparisons, detailed financial scrutiny, industry comparison, sensitivity, etc.
     MIS and Board Reporting
       We undertake designing and preparation of detailed MIS reports for internal and external reporting purposes.
       At the time of drawing up various MIS reports, we look at all available parameters and build Intelligent Dashboards for senior      management to monitor KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator’s) closely.
     Internal Controls
       Implementing finance & accounting internal controls for a business is not an easy task.
       We not only advise companies with practical & important controls required, but also assist them with setting-up & implementing     these.

Business Plan Assistance

    Wisteria assists in preparing a detailed business plan for review with its clients, which reflects the results of due diligence and indicative feedback from potential financing providers. The reports are customized to address each client's particular requirements, but typically include: