JV, Merger & Acquisitions

  Restructuring & Turnaround Management
  Expansion and Diversification

JV, Merger & Acquisitions

       Wisteria provides its clients with comprehensive acquisition and joint venture advisory services.
       We identify , target and develop strategic alliances, joint ventures /M&A, partnering and related relationships on behalf of our      clients.
        We assist reputable firms with compelling business propositions and facilitate their entrance into area of their desire.


Restructuring & Turnaround Management

    During a restructuring, Wisteria works alongside company management to develop a plan that makes sense and is able to be executed. We provide advice on specific aspects of the turnaround process, and help manage complex constituency relations and communications.

Our Turnaround Advisory professionals:
       Address liquidity concerns
       Stabilize core operations
       Develop business plans
       Review financial projections
       Develop / review of cost reduction initiatives
       Implement cash conservation guidelines and controls
       Develop pre-bankruptcy plans
       Develop employee incentive plans
       Identify and dispose of non-core assets
       Assist in implementation of an operational restructuring
       Manage creditor communication and negotiation processes
       Assist with bankruptcy case administration, serving as Bankruptcy Trustees and Examiners
       Implement ongoing communications processes with key constituencies